Wednesday, October 28, 2009

pink notes


thanks to Cunningham we can cross. we can drive
through what must have been almost impossible
to trek, on horseback or on foot. we can move
into an unknown west, heading through clouds
with homemade sandwiches, a thermos and a map


in his yard at every chance. is he working to prove
or disprove luck? hard work made asset rich and not
just another Asian immigrant. from the house behind,
can i say how much pleasure i have, watching his
beautiful garden grow on the Deep Bay waterfront

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

pink notes

the wireless internet drops, the journey's
pulse is smaller with a night light
and a book, we're snug and spooned, and
sex is rocked, arched, in a small bed
where bodies find no better place to hide

a mountain doesn't wake beneath each
varied sky, and, though, the rocky mounds
shape lips, today, Sleeping Beauty lies
unmoved by myth, or image, that
rocks are somehow kissing clouds

Monday, October 26, 2009

pink notes

touch this end of the sun, a glance on fern shaped
weeds beside roadway bends, fuchsia tops sprout
from gravel, clay dust and the highway's sealed grey
bloom turns rainbow blurs of light, i camera,
these engines moving faster than dark

barefoot in Cygnet, wait in the car, keep the window
down so the smoke drifts out, "why do i talk so loud"
says one as they laugh, on the footpath, beautiful
cheeks flushed, it's so un avant garde this art,
wears beanies and scarves and youth