Friday, March 30, 2007

photo essay series

I love the moon's 'presence' in this shot.
A suggestion only, of something so much larger moving into the frame.

photo essay series

This photograph is (hanging in space) in a way that appeals. It seems to read in a way that projects the solitude of space, rather than its magnitude. The moon is so beautifully shaped for close up photography.

photo essay series

With this photograph of the moon, (aspects of the moon) - a blue filter has been used again.

I like the way this one works. It seems to work in ways that a painting could, with the eye 'aspecting' the field, and this results, presents a,s if it were painted directly to a canvas.

I also like the sense of the moon fragmenting or disappearing into the blackness of space, at the point just after the midline of the visual field.

Ray is exploring some of his techniques in photography through the telesccope.

I am exploring some of his results, and also collaborating on 'aspects' of space that could make interesting photographs, or gestures towards a poetic framework.

Just a bit of playing about at the moment, we'll see where it all goes.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

photo essay series

Trying to get a photograph of Saturn proved a challenge but Ray used a blue filter and blew the image up to full capacity. The black space of space is more vivid and matter-like with the blue filter. I don't know if it will translate onto the blog in the same way, but here it goes...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

name your own poison


tried too hard, not hard enough
ran out of (luck cash interest) the rest
a work ethic, too much heart, family shit
the ordinary irresolute reasons, a bifurcated
path to enlightenment. finger the wind
north and this southern glow (from
the tomb exit) it looks different


need a hard-liquored act, a smoke
something to task or to grasp me
(the newly risen make no pretense)
one life's labor should be enough
but it isn't / isn't


life the car on the tarmac
the winged jet as it skitters
the star all flash
flashing the road, the air.
deep north is the atmosphere
way up, white clouds underneath

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

missing comments

I found four comments from some months back, which I had not moderated, but have done this now, so apologies to Ralph, Derek and Jen...can anyone tell me how to add a list link of other blogs I frequently visit onto my blog? I have now discovered how to post pictures, add links in posts, and could eventually get the blogroll done, but if any one wants to give me a leg up on this process, email me at lawalleratbigponddotnetdotau or post a comment for me on this post.
Never too old to learn new things, but sometimes it is a case of 'can't see the trees'...

Monday, March 12, 2007



lost nerve at the (un-) edge of a light rush
wind powered up and the sun
is combustion

this other surface, is

as if
having held nerve once
its loss could be less, and

it explains lights falling

as if
stars exploding were aspects, of
this 'affect' and something larger is

falling on a body of water, the falling hour
the cratered moon rock, it stories on
the miserable wind, fireballs, nerve loss

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Foam:e Issue 4 goes live

Foam:e issue 4 goes live here
Some outstanding poetry from Jody Porter, Joanne Burns, Iain Britton, Nathan Shepherdson and many other emerging and established poets.
Editor, Angela Gardner interviews Nathan Shepherdson and reviews Peter Minter's collection Blue Grass.
I review Nathan's Sweeping the Light back into the Mirror , along with Claire Gaskin's a bud and Libby Hart's Fresh news from the Arctic.

Since issue 3 of foam:e, I have been Poetry Reviews editor and will continue to review poetry collections, as well as encouraging others to include their reviews of recent poetry collections.
I will edit Foam:e's 2008 Issue 5 and feel very excited about that prospect.
Foam:e accepts submissions from March through November each year.
If you would like to submit, please read through the previous issues and this current one first and if sending, include foam:e in the subject line and up to five poems in the body of the email.

Also included in this issue is my poetry sequence a feather will fall to the moon as fast as a hammer here This sequence is presented in both English and Bangla versions.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

photo essay series


Louise Waller

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

photo essay series

tone poem two

Louise Waller

photo essay series

tone poem one

Louise Waller

photo essay series

standing on water

(Lake Sinclair 2006)

Louise Waller

photo essay series

aqua eye

Louise Waller

photo essay series

Moon one/two/three
Ray Waller