Friday, April 23, 2010

May at Booranga

If you are in Wagga in May come and visit with me at Booranga Writers Centre from 6th - 20th May. I am really looking forward to the residency. I've been told that I will have time to write as well as meet with local writing groups and finally get to catch up with the Director and well known blogger, twitterer and erstwhile poet Derek Motion

I'll be able to catch up with my beautiful son Jasper also, who is graduating from his Avionics course on the morning of the 13th before he moves on to Nowra to work with the new Navy helicopters there.

The Wagga library will be hosting a wine and nibbles event at 5pm on the 13th May, with me as their guest. I'll be reading some poems from my first collection Slipway published in the book Swelter and I'll also read some from my latest collection holding Job's hand Maybe I'll have a chance to chat and share some small 'p' poetics.

This will be my second poetry outing since leaving Queensland. I attended one of the Republic poetry readings in Hobart late last year and read a poem there, so I'm feeling excited to get another opportunity to perform some more.

I've only been to Wagga once before, in Aug/Sept last year on the way to Tasmania - I went to Wagga beach and waited for two days in a row, trying to catch the five o'clock wave with no luck.
It seems that the local joke caught me instead.