Thursday, September 02, 2010

on another kind of roll - some new work

I am pleased to say that Famous Reporter 41 June/July 2010 (which does not list me as a contributor, yet Ralph assures me includes me in the journal) has published one of the longer sequences from my (working title) Shack Life Fevers collection I'm developing at my Verona Sands beach shack/cottage in Tasmania.

The work in Famous Reporter includes two different sets of the ongoing (i hope) series Figuring shells with Mahler. I have an extensive collection of classical instrumental and opera records. It is very comprehensive. I've always enjoyed all kinds of music, but gain a particular pleasure when I'm in the mood to listen to music less contemporary. My three children heard many of the great composers during their most fractious periods as babies and toddlers, it having a great calming and unique stimulus of the 'good mood' kind on them and me.

As I have not yet got hold of a copy of Famous Reporter 41, I'm wondering if I might be a little delusional and it's possible (even though I've been assured that the work is really there) that it has disappeared...or is not present. But it is really, isn't it...

As it is now September, spring and all, I'm sure that Ralph won't mind me including the work on my blog, so that any of you who haven't yet read it in Famous Report 41, might get a chance to read it here. Apologies in advance for any disruption to the formatting in the first sequence, but I couldn't complete the copy on the pdf version, so copied from my own files instead.

Figuring shells with Mahler

in three movements


water leans the view/an open mouth
that drops ideas
dazed under sun/under cover
(think) hairy men and overweight women look better in clothes
even when clothes come off as easily as breath blown

ignoring elements of stress in life/is life
the asylum? how so (and) why is it
better to behave?

age responsible age so suburban and good neighbour
now/you/mow/you/turn the music down
when did surly depart/the edgy
love's black ops?

eat anathema
eyes prised open
on drug art/looking glass assets
all kinds of woes and bliss interrogate
people storms vent/you can buy roses in dream street (whoever
plays me she winks that) the characters the monochrome
paintings/such sweet

Q&A's into soft parts/pressure points
a wooden bowl yields/incomplete
lights halo/loose sheets inkless at bedtime
come to sleep sleep
ideas/cured in some distance


when Fairweather left Bribie
his raft made land made somewhere
what did he want/what
did he really? and find
he grew silence

he grew old

(do the raft thing) cross this channel south
pass Bruny (in a day or a year pass
in an hour) Antarctica
a whitepatch/a whiteout/somehow make notes

another history and what's not there now
is here maybe? all heroic or mad doesn't matter much
leaning/the view

time ungrounded time (there is the ground)
sealed in

outstanding moments quicken or slow


all day long yachts pass and smaller craft jetty the sand's breathless lip
in survey/gulls net the ocean's pull/the island's long reach

days after dark after light after words slip out and touch

(a native bee loose in the house)
keeping its own rhythm
on the near shore small waves fold/music enough

it's hard to finish or start

(a note here for those who may think my research on Fairweather is skewed or wrong...I know that when he was alive, he took off from Darwin on his famous raft journey towards Bali where he successfully made land and lived and painted for a number of years before locating to Bribie Island in referencing of Fairweather's raft leaving Bribie is not referencing the living man but the one who died)

Figuring shells with Mahler 2

sonatas in D major


in his elegant loss
the bird no longer sings
in order to flee loss in memory
what breaks over meaning?
it's the jumble sale the dreamlike
maybe these realities peel
away the bird will

jarring chords are big gestures
mode this passion opposing/oppositional
a solemn march and trumpets
his new notes disquiet/overwrite
with calm resignation
to climax a prophetic theme
always/the bird sings

gawky and awkward

noise and the days too long in the too fraught
thought too much to discover equilibrium
how do the notes play out in changes and shifts?
not entirely all about sound
surely sound isn't the only reference
notes fractured by life/reconstructed
reason enough to progress

music/a thawed honesty/confessional
gruesome irony awakes the fragmentary
doomed man pessimistic on the doomed planet
debris on the far sand/beached
places where shells return on tides
specialised philosophy/these lines of poetry
defiance/hear it call now that clean sound

and errors

no gentle splash
becalmed in pleasure lost
forceful waves are silent
the satires and talk
a flatness that rushes
whose burning scorn?
and yearn/the other shore

a melody that shuns
our breath expelled/effusive
deeply self consuming
what else rises dancing?
a fair wind that catches
sand pounded/it delivers
diamonds/shells we turn


Anonymous Ralph said...

Huh. Well thee's an oversight, sorry Louise. Email me your snailmail address, will you? I suspect I have it on my work email ... I'll pop a copy and cheque in the mail {unless you're thinking of attending the Republic on Sunday ...?}.

3/9/10 21:01  
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