Friday, December 07, 2007

note to all editors as i tips me hat to you

I think you have to edit work to appreciate how wonderful journal editors are to even begin to be able to select and place work, enjoy it, celebrate and salute it, even to develop the ability to reject it and to know why that happens.

Something else is surely easier to do than this.

Editing foam:e this issue has been a wonderful and challenging experience.
I'll get better at it I hope. I've spent another day, all day, with submissions and feel intimate and seasoned with so many wonderful poems, still sorting much of the work, needing to contact poets, set up files to send off to the wonderful webmistress who will make webpages so all poets can check out their work prior to foam:e going live in March next year.

I really do hope to get better at this, but I have encountered so many more excellent poems than I can publish this time. I hope I get it right...the force be with me and all the other editors out there.

note to ralph

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