Monday, March 22, 2010

foam:e 7 is live!

I'm really pleased to announce that foam:e 7 edition is online now. Just a little late but worth the wait I think. This edition is the second one edited by me, foam:e 5 being the first.

Editing is a wonderful experience full of angst, joy and some special ah-ha moments that come along. I know that my own poetry continues to improve as I take some time discovering the large and diverse range of poetries on offer.

Contributors for this issue include many well known Australian and International poets and also some not so well known. All of the poets contributing to this issue are actively involved with making and supporting poetry and that involvement (can we call poetry involvement love) creates a fresh and vibrant poetics.

Michael Aiken Stuart Barnes Hugh Behm-Steinberg Iain Britton
Chris Brown Sam Byfield Julie Chevalier Jennifer Chrystie
Stuart Cooke Mark Cunningham Alison Eastley Angela Gardner
Patrick Green Stu Hatton Matt Hetherington Jill Jones
Peycho Kanev KJ Natalie Knight Kent MacCarter
Clyde McGill Siofra McSherry Adam Moorad Derek Motion
Kristine Ong Muslim Jal Nicholl Mark O'Flynn Sergio Ortiz
Lyn Reeves Ian Seed Nathan Shepherdson Paul Squires
Yassen Vasilev Vlanes Les Wicks Jena Woodhouse

Angela Gardner has put together a special feature on Irish poetry, including poems, interviews and reviews. Read more about this feature and discover Irish voices with a charming lilt...

Edna Coyle-Green Cherry Smyth Edna Wyley

A real surprise for contributors.
The next issue of foam:e will be edited by expat Aussie poet Laurie Duggan, now living in England. Laurie will bring a lifetime of professional poetics and experience to his edition.
I know you will send him some really special work. cheers for foam:e 7... poetry to puzzle, query, celebrate and enjoy!


Anonymous Paul said...

7 Cheers and more! And thankyou for including my two tiny contributions. It's a wonderful journal and will provide hours of exploratory fun over the next few months. It's great to have somewhere to go knowing that the poetry will reward far in excess of the effort taken to read it.

23/3/10 19:20  

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