Wednesday, October 28, 2009

pink notes


thanks to Cunningham we can cross. we can drive
through what must have been almost impossible
to trek, on horseback or on foot. we can move
into an unknown west, heading through clouds
with homemade sandwiches, a thermos and a map


in his yard at every chance. is he working to prove
or disprove luck? hard work made asset rich and not
just another Asian immigrant. from the house behind,
can i say how much pleasure i have, watching his
beautiful garden grow on the Deep Bay waterfront


Anonymous Paul said...

Oh no! You have spam, Louise. You should delete that one. Is this the end of the series? It is a truely beautiful journey poem, an adventure through landscape, ideas, history and language all at once (the subject seems to shift but cohere). There is your usual grace and elegance of phrasing, an undeniable musicality. And there is a completeness to it, a feeling of a unified and carefully constructed whole. Which is all just longwinded blather to show how clever I am. All that is really required is to say, this poem is very cool, smooth and especially beautiful.

16/11/09 14:17  
Anonymous Angela Gardnner said...

Hi Louise

could you contact foame I want to know where to send book to you (PO Yeppoon still?)

let me know

24/11/09 02:09  
Blogger P. Edward Cunningham said...

i am cunningham

8/12/09 11:31  
Blogger steve said...

fantastic blog.
found it randomly.
thank you for your words and thoughts.
they are beautiful.


19/12/09 13:27  
Blogger WILMER POZO said...


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21/12/09 00:39  
Blogger Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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28/12/09 02:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Complimenti Luisa per le foto e per le tue note rosa. interessanti gli argomenti accennati. Ti seguirò con attenzione. Ti parlerò in Italiano, sperando in un tuo sforzo. Ciao da DOMUS.

2/1/10 17:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2/1/10 19:37  

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