Sunday, January 28, 2007

you are multitudes

is the ocean a mirror or a skin?

you curve (in a wave) as tide runs out and then
runs in (as though all was)
always momentum
you time you notice you turn feeling you recognize
as you stretch and you bend
arch fingers on proof
skim tunnel slide and you float
(you dream bones shine under skin)
scoop chunks of the light over limbs
neither out now nor in
you buoyant

Friday, January 19, 2007

you are multitudes

from Excerpts from the Frida Dialogues


I suffered two accidents in my life.
One in which a streetcar knocked me down...
The other accident was Diego. - Frida Kahlo

For the two Fridas debut
you paint hearts, the veins join
It seems you have just used scissors
to take a small sorrow out
Two open heart Fridas
who hold hands

Blood spoils in a pool on the folds
of your white dress
Beside you, the wild she is spared
keeps the Diego souvenir in her fingers
It looks like a stone
to guard against forgetfulness

you are multitudes

from Excerpts from the Frida Dialogues


I drank to drown my pain, but the damned pain
learned how to swim... - Frida Kahlo

In a church larger than life
you first learn to be adventurous
From the inside out, the scope of the body shocks
In your temple of autobiography
you paint those dialogues so well

When Diego screws you both
only the politics are lost
The moment
you trade on with your wild she
of pain's nip and tuck