Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kanomi Island walk

This photo is of the Kanomi headland facing open ocean to the north and the east.
I took some time out on Saturday after lunch to tackle the round Island walk with another tutor and two keen participants. The walk is very heavy going, taking about three and a half to four hours to complete if the pace is steady. Much of the first two hours is up hill and then the headland makes a great place to stop and revive before descending and walking out through the mangrove tidal creek which leads to one of the beaches. From there it's a swim and another twenty minute hike up the track and back to the cabin. It was worth every pain filled thigh tingling moment.

This photo was taken rather nervously by me, standing way too close to the edge of the headland just to get a shot of an Osprey's nest. We had seen one of the birds circling during our rest period on the headland, so had to have a quick peek but couldn't seen any fledgling in the nest.

North Keppel Island (Kanomi) Writers Workshop

Sunset on the first night of the workshops, out front of the cabin looking towards Yeppoon.
The yacht in the picture had some grey nomads who were on their way south, having spent some time in the Whitsunday area. They rowed ashore on Saturday morning and I had a good chin wag with them. They had seen numerous whales on their journey and were interested in the recent win environmentalists had over the proposed Shoalwater rail line and coal port being stopped. The night after I took this photo two of the resident dolphins were playing in and around the yacht mooring enjoying the company.

Saturday morning from the Kanomi observation deck, looking out towards Great Keppel Island.

My favourite track from cabin to the beach for an early morning swim. The tide was in and the water was cool but not cold.

In the foreground of this photo is the longhouse the island's outdoor workshop area and wet gear area. In the background is the island kitchen and recreation, dining room, where we presented music and poetry readings, including open mic on both Friday and Saturday evening.

This photo shows the cabin assigned to the workshop tutors with the longhouse in the background. I took this photo from the sand out front.

light poem one

sunrise is apple clear bites
these hours i swallow
and you ask how much light sticks
what amount can i consume
and how does the light know light
as it leaks from my skin

when my daughter and my son
travel in the snow filled towns
i sit with a globe turning apples
in all the rooms watching light
making marks on marks until
my daughter and my son return

i wonder what a snow filled world is
in a kitchen each hour as i swallow
does light mark this and how much
light can i hold turning the globe
in this light filled room where
the day is sunrise is apple

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

holding Job's hand - book launch

A good crowd in the venue which was a super place for an exhibition and book launch.

All smiles now with exhibition and launch well under way.

In the back row left to right - Kerry & Angela publishers light-trap press (and Angela also artist exhibitor), Peter Christoff exhibition opener/launcher and all round great guy, Gwenn artist exhibitor & Clyde book cover artist. In front row left to right - Lisa artist contributor and me book poet.

A happy patron with her number one of the fifty limited edition signed and numbered copies.

That's me during my reading at the launch.