Friday, September 29, 2006

having a time thing

I think I've fixed the time clock. There are many things to think about now, not much poetry happening, I've had a beer and feel slightly better. After this post, I'll sign out and then try to get back in...the minutes are turning into little barbed spears. Does anyone else have problems like mine, trying to understand such technology is the easy part, using it is less so.

a moon shifts. lighting spaces between shapes.
blurs and shadows.
time peeling.

telescopic eye

there, matter
there, stars, planets, there
large clouds, gaseous, see
air-filled mounds, stellar dust
see? there black/trace/moments
light, molten rocks, crystals
too many, too much
there, see?

My partner has a new telescope and is less at home
on the ground. He is lifted up each evening. There
is so much else to see. Star charts are his new memories.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

not there yet

I am not finding it very easy to negotiate the username/password two-step. It seems that I'll be lost forever in changing password and not valid and does not exist land...hardly fun blogging at this point, still on the foothills, mountain visible,stay tuned


I've been reading blogs for a while now. The blogs of poet friends and poets I admire and do not know. There is a big conversation going on. It is an interesting conversation. An international conversation. I'm hoping there is room for another voice.