Thursday, June 19, 2008

what else floats up

yet here i am in the image in the background the early dew

that persists as one drop drops at intervals through the hole in the tin
guttering as multiple drops settle in leaf mulch and it sounds like singing

on the inside of the wall a group voice an anthem quite melodious

a choir in the morning under birdsong and a cat lurking silent in the garden
where high drama might ensue and the neighbour gets a courier surprise

not top heavy hope wanting a birthday or a settlement a catalogue

purchase (so maybe that) or ebay in this sort of light morning an episode
with the dog not wanting to move (a finger's recovery) the skin unbroken

but wary the future moving dogs too early into the outside cold

(caught off guard and snarly) know that theory know that feeling try to
bite things myself under the influence of the ever expanding moving too

far ahead and discourse fast and building what is too large to com

prehend with a bit of paper a pen scratching and too large when even tech
nology can't catch a feather blowing in a willie willie counting on scotty on

air currents to beam me up beam me up for a five second pass

Sunday, June 15, 2008

mid splat splatter

once it is heard
rising and falling

the unmistakable spills
blurs the edges
of continents