Monday, October 26, 2009

pink notes

touch this end of the sun, a glance on fern shaped
weeds beside roadway bends, fuchsia tops sprout
from gravel, clay dust and the highway's sealed grey
bloom turns rainbow blurs of light, i camera,
these engines moving faster than dark

barefoot in Cygnet, wait in the car, keep the window
down so the smoke drifts out, "why do i talk so loud"
says one as they laugh, on the footpath, beautiful
cheeks flushed, it's so un avant garde this art,
wears beanies and scarves and youth


Anonymous Paul said...


26/10/09 15:22  
Blogger The Mess said...

If you look at it from the right angle, life IS all poetry, and you make it happen..

9/12/09 05:56  
Blogger J said...

Cygnet and the rest of the south coast is so beautiful. You captured it wonderfully.

26/12/09 16:47  

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