Thursday, September 18, 2008

North Keppel Island (Kanomi) Writers Workshop

Sunset on the first night of the workshops, out front of the cabin looking towards Yeppoon.
The yacht in the picture had some grey nomads who were on their way south, having spent some time in the Whitsunday area. They rowed ashore on Saturday morning and I had a good chin wag with them. They had seen numerous whales on their journey and were interested in the recent win environmentalists had over the proposed Shoalwater rail line and coal port being stopped. The night after I took this photo two of the resident dolphins were playing in and around the yacht mooring enjoying the company.

Saturday morning from the Kanomi observation deck, looking out towards Great Keppel Island.

My favourite track from cabin to the beach for an early morning swim. The tide was in and the water was cool but not cold.

In the foreground of this photo is the longhouse the island's outdoor workshop area and wet gear area. In the background is the island kitchen and recreation, dining room, where we presented music and poetry readings, including open mic on both Friday and Saturday evening.

This photo shows the cabin assigned to the workshop tutors with the longhouse in the background. I took this photo from the sand out front.


Anonymous Jylan Wynne said...

You must have had a great time over there! I went over there once with my family on the Education Open day and everything was so beautiful. BTW I haven't seen your blog before, must susbscribe :-).

19/9/08 09:42  
Blogger Louise said...

hi jylan, thanks for your comment, and i'm guessing you're a nature/photography buff, especially the local environment as i checked your red rock / stoney creek post. you might like to check some photos on my july posts - northern shoalwater area at stanage bay, call in anytime

19/9/08 14:02  
Anonymous Jylan Wynne said...

Hi Louise, just saw your reply today! Yes I love photography and nature, and the stony creek area is just beautiful.

Stanage Bay looks like a lovely pristine place. I was just looking at Quail island just north of Stanage on Google Earth yesterday, would love to drive up there one day.

16/11/08 08:27  
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