Thursday, September 18, 2008

light poem one

sunrise is apple clear bites
these hours i swallow
and you ask how much light sticks
what amount can i consume
and how does the light know light
as it leaks from my skin

when my daughter and my son
travel in the snow filled towns
i sit with a globe turning apples
in all the rooms watching light
making marks on marks until
my daughter and my son return

i wonder what a snow filled world is
in a kitchen each hour as i swallow
does light mark this and how much
light can i hold turning the globe
in this light filled room where
the day is sunrise is apple


Anonymous Paul said...

And there is this undeniable sensuality in your poetry. I read a lot of poetry, obviously and a lot of it is beautiful, or graceful, or clever, but there is some very very rare poetry which is more than that, that has an effect that is not even on the brain, or in language, creates desire somehow regardless of its overt subject, poetry with a scent like perfume, movement like silk, a sensuality, hmmm,

27/5/09 12:51  
Blogger Louise said...

hi paul, thanks for noticing this poem...i had forgotten it.

sometimes i post directly to blog without the notebook or any other method, rarely - but it happens and then i forget to document in a file poems that develop this way.

i am putting another ms together and will think about adding this one.

maybe i will revisit my archives, it could be fun.

27/5/09 18:19  
Anonymous Yours sincerely, said...

Cool, a new collection. I will want a signed copy. Do you have pooblisher? Self-publishing is the go, but you already know my opinions on thse things, hard-core anarchist radical in a lime green zoot suit and Bootsy Collins sunglasses, I'm afraid. But yes, a signed copy hot off the press for me please. Sometimes I think about stuff happening around lit blogging world and I wonder, "What does Louise think?" which would make it easier for me to know what to think but alas, your pronouncements are rare. Perhaps more precious for being so. The weather is wonderful and it is very nearly beer o'clock. I shall spend an nour or so thinking about what I can comment over at Graham's place about self-publishing and literary worth and what you would say if you had the time. Have a lovely weekend,

29/5/09 15:53  
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Blogger nora nor said...

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8/8/17 20:23  

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