Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guided by poets - Queensland

Graham Nunn's wonderful blog Another Lost Shark http://grahamnunn.wordpress.com/ is full of interesting encounters and poetic exchanges. In a recent series he calls Guided by Poets, Graham has challenged poets to contribute a poem and then pass on to another poet, until a total of five poet/poems are reached. His first grouping started in Western Australia, (and interestingly stayed there) - the second group (newly posted) started in Queensland and headed southwards, grouping Nathan Shepherdson, Angela Gardner, me, Derek Motion and Nathan Curnow - well worth the visit.


Anonymous Paul said...

And a wonderful poem it is too, Louise. That form of collaboration is fascinating. And it gives me great joy to see so many people getting involved in livening up Australian poetry through the expert use of links.

25/3/09 09:24  
Blogger Louise said...

hi paul, gosh, you're getting out and about a bit yourself - interesting posts on davey's blog and the overland blog - i've left a response on derek's blog re the overland thing.

yeah for links in oz

25/3/09 11:39  

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