Thursday, March 05, 2009

foam:e issue 6 goes live

Issue 6 of foam:e is live online. A great issue edited by Angela Gardner. In this issue you will find an amazing new poem by Laurie Duggan, as well as an interview with him.

Plus new work from the following poets; Michael Aiken, Ruth Arnison, Andrew burke, Sam Byfield, Ashley Capes, Anne M Carson, Kristina Marie Darling, Alison Eastley, Claudia Grinnell, Matthew Hall, Philip Hammial, Jill Jones, Heather Matthew, James Morris, Mark O'Flynn, Maurice Oliver, James Owens, Joyce Parkes, David Prater, Stephanie Radok, Brenda Saunders, Nathan Shepherdson, Jenny Sinclair, Elizabeth Kate Switaj, David Trame, and Jena Woodhouse.

One of my poems is also included, developed as part of my RADF concept grant to explore issues in the Shoalwater Bay area of Queensland. This particular poem is informed by resonances with the work of visual artist Dieter Irving's paintings completed during his Shoalwater Bay residency a few years ago.

The reviews in foam:e are excellent and thoughtful reading, offering interesting perspectives on the poets under review - Derek Motion reviews Michael Farrell's a raiders guide, I review Karen Knight's Postcards from the Asylum, Jena Woodhouse reviews MTC Cronin's Our Life is a Box./Prayers Without a God as well as Lyn Reeve's The Ink brushed distance and Angela Gardner reviews Jordie Albiston's Vertigo / a cantata /

I hope you take an opportunity to browse this issue and would like to invite your interest in the next issue 7 which I will edit. Submissions will open for that issue in July and close in November this year, for publication in March 2010.

So foam:e 6 is alive and kicking and I'll drink to that.


Anonymous Paul said...

Congratulations! That sounds wonderful. I wish I wasn't a poor poet or I'ld buy a copy. I'm trying to make better time management decisions re submitting. There are so many of these magazines and so little time. What are foam:e's circulation figures and what sort of market does it go into?

6/3/09 07:59  
Blogger Louise said...

hi paul,
Thanks for the congrats. Foam:e is truly a wonderful showcase of online poetry. It is a Queensland based (oz) journal, not in print form at this point, with many contributors from oz and overseas.

If you click on the link in my post you can read the journal for free! All the links are there for each issue, the current one is issue 6.

Re circulation, I don't have any current figures handy - but I can say that foam:e is held in some regard by those poets submitting and reading and the Australian (UQP)'poetry best of' does select from foam:e as well as other excellent online and print journals.

Best thing to do is read and enjoy and then, if so inclined, read the submissions guidelines and think about sending something for the next issue.

Please fell free to spread the word through you own networks.


6/3/09 09:28  
Anonymous Paul said...

It's very lovely and there are many wonderful poems. That David Prater is everywhere isn't he? Those are some fine examples of his work. I would submit some but it's such a hassle fishing out an email and finding out the format and so on. Maybe I could just put a link under my name here to all my poems and then you could just copy and paste any of my poems you wanted into the magazine. That would save both of us a lot of time and trouble, don't you think?

6/3/09 10:47  
Blogger Louise said...

sorry to be slow replying paul, we have been in cyclone warning mode here in yeppoon, and other things were more pressing. i think the cyclone is weakening and may not be a problem, but they are (cyclones) very unpredictable weather events...

re your last post - if only it was so simple, alas not.
the whole process of 'editing' is, if being faithful to the notion of editing, a selection based on what comes in during a given time period. the job of editing then becomes a selection of what is available, a selection of, in the editor's view, the best of what is available.

and the playing field is the same then, for all submissions.

i hope that encourages you to take some time and mess with the email and attachment process. you've got some time before the next submission period is open.

be nice to see something come in from you paul.

10/3/09 08:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

paul, my dear friend, it saves YOU time but it's a HUGE amount of trouble for the editor! it is up to you to read the journal, see their style, analyze the journal's taste then figure out what YOU have that might meet their needs...

it took me a HUGE amount of time to sift through your site to find the poems to submit to the lettre sausvage contest

paul, dear, if you can't be bothered to choose and format and send your own poems out why would someone else take the time?

13/3/09 07:31  
Anonymous Paul said...

I need an agent, AP. The problem is they are all so stuck in the past thinking, poetry oh ten per cent of nothing is nothing. They don't realise the huge market for poetry on the internet (and in countries other than Australia) and that the first person to properly deliver a book that genuinely adds value to the lives of the reader into that market is going to make a squidillion. Just need to connect the old world (for kudos) to the new world of the internet (for marketing) and whoosh. I wish I was better at social networking. Sorry Louise, talking over your blog for a bit of a confab. How's the wild wind and rain going?

13/3/09 11:27  
Blogger Louise said...

gwen, i posted a quick comment on yr blog...thanks for yr post.

hey paul, you can talk over my blog, conversations being one of my fav things. wishing for a whoosh moment myself somedays.
the rain is still with us, not too much wind and everything is still very green. the humidity has eased a touch. it's nice, lots of birdlife about. sleepy and overcast. good writing weather.

13/3/09 13:54  
Blogger peter said...

Hi Louise,

I just saw your comment at silliman's blog about my piece on Kent Johnson in Jacket. i appreciate it.

i have a sort of odd, goofy question to ask you and i'm wondering if you wouldn't mind e-mailing me at (i looked for your e-mail, but couldn't find it).

anyway, thanks again. best, peter davis

17/3/09 23:57  
Blogger Louise said...

hi peter,

thanks for your comment. i really enjoyed your review of kent's work. i have just emailed you...

18/3/09 00:53  
Anonymous Paul said...

Did you see SALT is going broke, Ms Waller? Let them reap what they have sown, I say.

22/5/09 20:15  
Blogger Louise said...

must be time to call me louise by now hey - but sad about salt really, as it is so difficult to see poetry publishers going under, even if the fact is that almost nobody buys poetry (even most poets) - what's the answer to it - don't know.

i'm not sure that publishing more reader friendly poetry would change anything. (guessing that you are hinting at this) difficult poetry which is highly regarded rarely finds much of an audience, but then, these days, neither does the other stuff.

sad about it all though, and hope that things change.

23/5/09 14:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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