Wednesday, March 18, 2009

mistranslation - David Shapiro

multivalent? shock of polysemy?
this collection of tensions
the audience (an allusion to harp).

meanings are not
stable. for art
from Meyer, that
pluralism, eclecticism
cannot contain the
advantages of,
of purity. medium
changing centre,
margin, iconography?

a surrender, a delay
and not lured me less
he teased me
with seagulls.

that i think the past was better
(never repeat that)
is alive somewhere
a sentimental lie?
you are not going to
die. art is still
a gift.

draw what you see
love good paper
poetry is cheap go
crazy trying to.

collaging the present.
not to starve.
that most art is
is who came in
in sandals. the (un)
important thing.
save everything (at
least) see a pattern.

some of
that stuttering
is your own.


Anonymous Paul said...

This is lovely and soft. A kind of gentle tenderness in the hesitant rhythm and a playfulness in the language and images that truly enchants without distracting from the depth of intelligence so discretely on display. How are you today?

18/3/09 15:44  
Blogger Louise said...

hi paul,

i enjoyed this one and doing some of the others...i'm catching up some posting.. we have more rain.

20/3/09 09:16  

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