Friday, March 20, 2009


waters the unfortunate waters

float bitter bits of missed

& all that
lip spitting really
leechs along
blown & churlish

reviews from the
not really herds
& people

clear the toxic
floating off shore

odd tips


the same things
pissing into

the blood seepage gun points
all over
to make good for you?

all of this

in the garden
& free spider things
birds & weather

underneath the worms
rosegreen colours touch

they go many ‘ologues’
in the loungeroom
wavy bits
bent out grins

& mean it
in the new
that boom & bust


Anonymous Paul said...

'ologues' 'loungeroom' that's very nice. I like this a lot. It's like overhearing traces of a conversation you are having with someone else, maybe yourself, on a subject I almost recognise. It sounds great too. I'ld love to hear you read it. There is an undeniable beauty in it.

20/3/09 10:22  
Blogger letterwing kite said...

Dear Lou

I really like the poems you've been posting here!

I'm editing Black Inc's Best Australian Poems 2009 I'd like to publish something of yours, could you please send some recent poems to me.
send as many as you want, I'd like to publish a few pages. care/of Black Inc Level 5/289 Flinders Lane Melbourne Vic 3000 Onward. Bob

on second thoughts, send them by email to me

28/3/09 12:50  
Blogger Louise said...

hi bob,

this is great news for me to hear, thank you. i'm guessing you mean for me to send by email to the black inc contact...if you mean you own (smiley face - i don't have it) - so maybe if you email me and clarify?
email contact (disguised by the {at} for @ and {dot} for .


28/3/09 13:16  

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