Sunday, September 06, 2009


I have been moving over the last week. And for the next two weeks, will be on a road trip of sorts with Ray. Southern Tasmania will be our end (new ) destination.

We were wanting to make this move for some time and both feel really good to be in the middle of it all now. We've sold our house in Queensland. This aspect is just starting to sink in.

My email has changed because I have no landline and for some reason, probably, I will need to attend to changing things on the blog. In lieu of fixing and fussing with it during the journey, I'll just post my new email here: lawaller{at}hotmail{dot}com

If you can't make comments, just drop me a line. I'll try to post something when I can.
Wish me/us luck...


Anonymous Paul said...

Good luck! That will be a beautiful place to live.

6/9/09 18:15  
Blogger genevieve said...

Sounds lovely, Louise. Have a good trip, and enjoy your new home.

6/9/09 23:02  
Blogger Ivy said...

Sound choice! There's a great writing community there. Have fun in Tassie! :-)

9/9/09 01:10  
Blogger genxgirly said...

Hello, we all enjoyed spending time with you and Ray the other week. How's the adventure going? I wish Eden and I had more time with you...we will have to come for a holiday one day. Thinking of you, lots of love, Jackie and Eden xx

24/9/09 00:22  
Anonymous Paul said...

Congratulations! Louise, on being included in Best Australian Poetry 2009 (ed Robert Adamson). I am looking forward to getting my hands on a copy as soon as possibly possible. The Bob has such fantastic taste in pottery.

1/10/09 06:47  
Blogger Louise said...

hi ivy,
the weather is wet and the fields are very green, i'm still unpacking stuff and getting settled, but i think i'm going to love it here. i will be attending to my poor little blog soonish, maybe some pics of the trip down...

hey jackie,
love to you and eden, was fantastic catching you, even for a short visit. we are going to miss queensland, but not too much, just the good folks there, love and kisses and big hugs from us both.

thanks paul,
i'm really blown away to be included and to be selected by mr poetry himself, and guess which one he picked? try going to a few posts back...and it was in the last foam:e - do you want another hint? it wasn't about pottery, try painting...a set of...based on the work of...

cheers and all

3/10/09 00:03  
Anonymous Paul said...

Ahh the ekphasic poem! I have a lovely visit, Louise. I hope your Tasmanian adventure is turning out to be all you dreamed of and more.

23/10/09 11:52  

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