Wednesday, June 10, 2009

flow chart sopranos

geodesic angles/cache of goods
flaw personality on talent
rising in water
failed sacks words

air bubbles flow as if
in errant purpose
speak rivals stay
concrete feet steady

stay down
sing these bad stains
ill-fated and sweet


Anonymous Paul said...

That is a beautiful poem, Ms Waller, Surely you have something to say about an article in Meanjin which concludes and I quote,
"But if we want to move more quickly to prevent literary property and our cultural heritage from being locked into private ownership for extended periods of time, we need to change the law."
Do you want to give up your private ownership of your literary work? Does anyone? I don't. Why should we? I am outraged.

17/6/09 19:30  
Anonymous Paul Squires said...

Hello, Ms Waller! I miss you. I would like to invite you to a party. By the end of the month 100,000 people will have read my work! What more could a poet want? Of course they are just 'the herd' so they don't really count. I wonder when the word 'literature' in Australian came to mean cliquey, pretentious and arrogant? But never mind I am having a party anyway, all the cool people will be there and you are invited!
Hope you are a fantabulous time,
Yours in amazed gigglement,
Paulus McPaul Esquire.

23/7/09 18:10  
Anonymous You are a joy, Ms Waller. said...

My dear Louise,

Thankyou so much for your attendance at our little bash. It gave me great joy to you see there.

Have you heard the sounds of pants being pulled up, ties straightened and empty bottles being gathered from under desks? It must be Government review of Arts funding time again. What joy!

There will be much gathering of Armies and shooting of emails back and forth in private I imagine. And then the results will be announced to the peasants. True power is always subtle and invisible, don't you agree.

How is your new collection going? I am waiting with bated breath. I shall give it my most savage and critical review which will be, "Your poetry is so beautiful and fabulously wonderful, Ms Waller."

Well, must get back to the gathering of whispers and shouting at idiots. Have a simply magnificent beyond belief kind of day.

Yours in bemused foolishness,

Paul Terry Squires (1963-

11/8/09 12:51  

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