Friday, May 22, 2009

blah blah critics, blah

yeah, don’t get it, but
see what isn’t here now
holds dimensions, awareness
of the thing that is not present
but is, in all aspects, a whole
thing within a known, and
context should be considered

as if it is 
by the window in this room
it or he or she or the he/it dog
the she/it cat, maybe a budgie
young and unsexed, hanging in a cage
near another window, a bookshelf
a good chair

can’t see a thing not known
unless it runs into 
the flat forehead 
right about now - so conceptual 
in gestured loops make it such 
everything known is post 
/after - real or not


Anonymous Paul said...

This is just infinitely re-readabubble and radiant.

28/5/09 16:09  

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