Wednesday, May 13, 2009

real estate odes


by accident found Seymour

could be this then, and meets
all requirements
so that each need

is forward of the wildest hope / it’s just there
on its own, as a picture

and this picture holds what a future haunts with  
this picture is you, walking six fur animals

he is welding made things in the shaded distance
sounds of fixing or making / a suitability this space

running out to catch up
people smiling / in the picture
flash / life scenes taking place


Anonymous Paul said...

This is significantly more geometrical than usual. There is a bumpy kind of forest trail feeling to it and the hint of a shack. Sense of place conjured from the tiniest peekings.

19/5/09 13:23  
Blogger Louise said...

i'm hoping to mix the real estate odes up a bit and grab things as they manifest and seem to fit the thematic, not always successful or easy but i'm enjoying them arriving as they do and i'm trying not to mess around (edit or re-write) with them yet...later for that.

23/5/09 13:54  

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