Saturday, November 22, 2008

all grown up now

Because I haven't posted for a while I'm taking this opportunity to post some pictures of my kids. The something else in my life which adds so much pleasure, reminds me that grant projects, book publications, writing and reading new poetry and all the other stuff I do is only part of who I am, only part of what matters about me living my life.

My son Jasper has finished his recruit training at HMAS Cerberus in Westernport and we went to see him graduate a few weeks ago. He's now Seaman Sailor Waller and is training in Avionics at the RAAF Base at Wagga. That makes him a 'birdie' in navy speak.

Jasper is in the middle in this shot of graduation day and it rained for the last ten minutes of the official stuff, but nobody seemed to mind too much.

Jasper is second on left in this shot and yes, they are real guns and he has been trained in the use and firing of his. I hope he will never have to use it.

This shot is one with my first born, his sister Rebecca, which was taken in winter, just before he left for his recruit training.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mum,

Its your baby boy! Love you heaps. Missing you and Dad.

Love Jasper

18/1/09 17:13  
Blogger Louise said...

hey jab, love you heaps. we had a great time at christmas with you and silje, so glad she could come.
i've been onto your facebook and had a quick peek, i'll email you with some news soon - all my love
ooxxoo mum

18/1/09 23:08  

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