Thursday, October 09, 2008

ron silliman's poem from forgodot issue#1

Anyone following the Issue#1 project will be aware that Ron Silliman posted an almost threatening and very negative post about it and in comments he made on his own post's comment stream about this issue, he called what was done a 'crime'.

I wonder if he feels the only crime is the poem attribution erica/erika made (and it's subsequent jumble in the mass) that landed on page 1849 with his name attached.

I have found much of what Ron does with his own blog very interesting and much of the time he is fair and inventive, but on some things, like his constant put-downs of alternative poetics to his own, he is way too rigid. I hope this is not a sign of age, because many intelligent people are reinventing their process and their art making with robust and exciting challenges enhanced by their accumulation of years. I think that this situation shows Ron has taken such a public position on the hierarchy of poetry, that he has cornered himself somewhat into narrow flexibilities. A sense of play is what matters sometimes, not humour or seriousness, just a bit of a play, a shake up, a strum and tune of strings.

I do think it interesting that Ron bit so hard, and many others as well, though none with the clout Ron has in blog terms. But blogs are territories to do with hit numbers and boasts and long blogrolls, not a lot to do with poetry or poetics really, just short of conversations, more bulletin boards, boring as hell.

I'm posting Ron's Issue#1 poem here because his poem strikes me as one that might have had an editorial or interventionist hand, in addition to erica / erika's first attempt - but maybe the computer got it right first off and it is a poem, not the best poem, not a ron poem, but a poem.

(i thought to post one of his own poem creations up here with it, so we could all vote on which one we like, or which one we can understand best, or which one fits the nomenclature of choice - but i can't count on not being important enough for him to threaten to become a 'lead plaintiff' in a lawsuit against me, so i'll pass on it for now).
i hope it keeps its formatting


Lost as a food and won as a coast
Inefficient as a corner and efficient as a recess
Lost as balance, won as a time
Lost as a coast and found as a recess

It has been like becoming an
idea, jewels, memories,
devils, the fearing highnesses

Haze has gone in your impotent trading-house
You have been inefficient

Little and much
Low and high
Rotten and fresh

Ron Silliman


Blogger Stephen McLaughlin said...

Just thought I should note that all poems were linked to poets randomly. I read Ron's poem for the first time last night on Cepteutics.

9/10/08 20:17  
Blogger Louise said...

Thanks for clearing that up Stephen. In your several posts on this project you have given only the barest or essential facts.

I'd be interested to know if you intend to use the project outcomes or research for and from it in any wider context later on?


9/10/08 23:06  
Anonymous Paul said...

This whole Issue One thingy was one of my favourite internet sillinesses. Ron did make a mess of it in his reaction. I think he was so upset because it was so hard to tell this apart from his own poetry. A kind of revelation in that.

17/2/09 14:47  
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