Friday, June 01, 2007


yo derek

looking at maps with lines
no x to arrow
no flash dots or detailed guidelines
no here is the place with a creek
over there is a house
that one's a private track to the beach
trying the hybrid now
cause there's no way to work it out
from this disorderly bunch of lines
tweak the motivational in the right/left side
the place i want to find
is as far from here to there
as it is from there to further


Blogger derek said...

cool louise

2/6/07 22:12  
Blogger derek said...


this is a blog-drop: if you are reading this i regularly read you. please check out

submissions close at the end of june.

3/6/07 16:46  
Anonymous Paul said...

A poem for Derek! I was bored, Ms Waller and so came to read some of your beautiful poetry and here is a poem for Mr Motion. I am going to write a poem for him too one day and it will be full of irony. There will be bouncing and haircuts.

23/10/09 11:31  

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