Saturday, April 07, 2007

you are multitudes project


sometimes words are so shy they are ghosts
better to exile them first than to rush
have them spoil on the page on the tongue

(and it was now and at this point
that i thought and thought about
it being the great selfless act

saw my shadow stand taller than myself
its matter-less touch rise and tilt
wherever the light on the body was cast)

words are said / they're typed consequence
unsaid they are sounds / shapes / thinking
shy words are disolving they are ghosts


Blogger derek said...

though i often don't like the title 'untitled', i think with this subject, it works well.

of course it could be a draft, it might be untitled only until you decide upon a title, in which case my comment is not relevant...

7/4/07 17:42  
Blogger Louise said...

hey derek, i do agree about the untitled titles being a little off putting.

this one and some of the others already on my blog are a developing sequence called 'untitled' - just going with the flow here.

i think nearly all of the work i post on blog is draft and open to change. a thinking and shaping hit and miss.

good to have you stop by.

7/4/07 23:43  
Blogger Deb Matthews-Zott said...

Hi Louise,

I like it, particularly the last stanza.


8/4/07 00:06  
Blogger Deb Matthews-Zott said...

Hi Louise,

I've just discovered you blog. I like the poem Untitled, particularly the final stanza.

Do you have a MySpace page?


8/4/07 00:08  

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