Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Holding Job's Hand - (part one)


the One speaking to the sun
and it does not rise

it could be cold so you
take memory to coat over
all the days come they complete a circuit
and days are sunless now
you need to keep up to note what passes
with an eye on the road
where it turns lowers rises
memory warms the formidable path
and the darkness


now days are swifter than a river
they flee away

it was further once and 'o happy days'
was a constant
shed something loose over time
it can't be noticed
so each slight piece falls
there's no way to catch all that
it has gone into air
it does not stop and wait
is oblivious to a plea for a replay
the small processes
laws of probability gravity and something
faster than hope moves forward


i am afraid of all my sorrows

news broadcasts sadism starvation war
night terrors are conditioned on innocence
soon there's going to be nothing left

evil acts on the good skin its night carts
pull away with the broken
blood feeds its flowers

and there's always some dearest
part that isn't ready
something precious and laughter gone


and will you bring me to dust again?

where i can stand at this moment
crystallise the unspoken and wish
that i could outlast the last moment

as if knowing this would help
as if searching for something else
could bring any fuller comfort


as though i had never been
carried from the womb to the grave

make the journey on foot
take to the road with eyes open
play the whole of my part
and what could i leave
as token? if i close my eyes
i have already forgotten


even the shining is a darkness

dreamed and dreamed and dreamed once
an ocean and the moon glowing
bright sails on the mast
white lighthouse before me
or ahead and slip the jib the wind
it's blowing stars and the
sailboat someplace sailing

Note to Holding Job's Hand - (part one)

The titles for each poem are taken from Bible text references relating to Job


Anonymous Anonymous said...

really enjoyed this 'Job' poem Louise - first three are startling.
Lovely to see you are finding time to write!

13/4/07 09:17  
Blogger Louise said...

Hey, thanks Kristin. I hope to have three parts for this sequence.
Yeah, yesterday was surreal with so much action. I came home exhausted - but the writing muse has left the light on so I'm hanging in.

Look forward to reading your writing project later in the year.


13/4/07 15:52  

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