Saturday, April 28, 2007

photo essay series

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Francesca Haig's first chapbook 'Bodies of Water' (due for publication in Famous Reporter 35 )and was really struck by one of the poems 'Koonya, Tasman Peninsular'. It set me thinking about Tasmania again. I can almost hear the moans coming from those who have heard me going on about it off blog...During my trip to Tasmania with Ray during Christmas (2006) and into the first week of the new year this year, we spent a lot of time walking around and seeing some places we both wanted to visit again. Both of us were blown away by the Tasman Peninsular, just love it there.

I had not been to the Saltwater River Convict Mine ruins before - found it a really beautiful place - the ruins there (unlike the Port Arthur ruins) are unsupervised. People can move around freely and almost all the ruins are allowed to decay and crumble back into the earth. They are all the more striking and poignant as a result.


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